【Japan】How to Get Universal Studios Japan(USJ) Studio Pass(Ticket)

You can purchase tickets (Studio Pass) for Universal Studios Japan (USJ) at a discounted rate exclusively using your smartphone! We’ll explain how to buy and utilize tickets from the popular overseas travel ticket site, KLOOK.



KLOOK is a discount ticket website for theme parks and attractions. It’s quite famous, so many people may have used it for overseas travel.

While it used to be popular for offering discounted tickets for travel outside Japan, recently it has been focusing on promoting domestic travel within Japan by launching various attractive campaigns. Thanks to these promotional efforts, there seem to be fewer people skeptical of KLOOK these days.

However, it’s important to note that KLOOK generally doesn’t offer discounts on tickets for Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Regardless of where you purchase them, USJ tickets are typically sold at the regular price. There have even been rumors suggesting that USJ monitors ticket sales, which makes it seem like they might be enforcing antitrust laws.

While there may not be any price advantage for USJ tickets through KLOOK, it’s still not advisable to purchase tickets at the ticket booth on the day of your visit. It’s because the morning hours at USJ are extremely valuable, and you wouldn’t want to waste time waiting in line at the ticket booth.

While you’re waiting in line for 10 minutes at the ticket booth, you’ll see people who have purchased e-tickets in advance passing by you. Meanwhile, the lines for attractions continue to grow longer and longer.

Therefore, as for USJ, it’s still better to purchase your tickets online in advance rather than at the ticket booth, even if they’re priced the same. Just by doing this, you can potentially ride one, or even two, more attractions on that day, significantly increasing your overall satisfaction.”

How to Get Universal Studios Japan Tickets

To purchase tickets for Universal Studios Japan through KLOOK, follow these steps:

1. Open the Universal Studios Japan page on KLOOK.
2. Select the type of ticket, date of use, and the number of tickets needed.
3. Register user information (including confirmation of the email address for ticket delivery).
4. Enter payment information (credit card, PayPay, etc.).
5. Receive the tickets via email.
6. On the day of visit, display the ticket on your smartphone and touch the QR code at the gate for entry.

The Detailed Process of Buying Tickets on KLOOK

For those familiar with online shopping, a general overview of the process may be sufficient, and you can proceed intuitively. However, for those new to using KLOOK, I’d like to provide a bit more explanation on the ticket purchasing process, using screenshots to guide you through.

Search an activity

Let’s search for the page offering discounted tickets for USJ on the official KLOOK website. Since we’ve already decided on USJ for this occasion, entering through this link is also acceptable.”USJ TICKETS(KLOOK Official website)

Scroll down the page or tap on the ‘Select’ button in the bottom right corner to move to the ticket purchasing screen at the bottom of the page.

Choose the type of ticket

Choose the type of ticket:

  1. 1 Day Studio Pass  (Full-day ticket for 1 day)
  2. 1.5 Day Studio Pass (Ticket for the first day from 3:00 PM and full-day ticket for the second day)
  3. Two Day Studio Pass (Full-day ticket for 2 days)
  4. Twilight Pass (Ticket from 3:00 PM onwards

Next, enter the date of use and the number of users.

After completing the input, tap ‘Book now’ (or if you want to purchase additional tickets, tap ‘Add to cart’). Tapping ‘Book now’ will take you to the next screen to register user information.

Register user information.

A pop-up will appear displaying the login or member registration screen.
If you are using KLOOK for the first time, you will register as a member on this screen.
(Log in or sing up)

(The user information registration)
Enter your name, nationality, phone number, and email address.

Register your payment information.

Next, input your payment information. Select your preferred payment method, such as credit card or Apple Pay, and enter the required details. Then, tap ‘Pay Now’ to complete the payment.

Receive the e-ticket via email.

You will receive the e-ticket (voucher) via email immediately after payment.
The ticket acquisition is completed by midnight of the previous day. This means there’s no need to queue at the ticket booth tomorrow. Simply tap on the attached file in the email to display the e-ticket on your smartphone.

You can enter directly using the e-ticket.

On the day of your visit, simply display this e-ticket on your smartphone and touch the QR code at the gate for entry.

It’s super easy, right? 😊

The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to wait in line at the ticket booth on the day of your visit.

At USJ, the ticket booth lines can get really long… Waiting in those lines can be such a waste of time, especially when the morning hours at Universal Studios are incredibly valuable.

While you’re waiting in line at the ticket booth, the lines for attractions inside the park just keep getting longer.

It’s such a waste to spend time waiting in line at the ticket booth. If you’re going to Universal Studios, it’s a no-brainer to purchase your tickets online in advance! I absolutely recommend it.

How to Use KLOOK e-Tickets

The usage of e-tickets is incredibly simple, so you might not even need an explanation…

Just display the ticket on your smartphone screen…

And touch it at the entrance gate.

Even if you wait in the long queue and buy paper tickets…

It’s the same.

Once you’ve used it, you’ll immediately understand how convenient it is.

Even if you wait in line at the ticket booth, there’s the possibility of struggling to communicate with staff members whose English may not be fluent. There are also situations where people who are not used to purchasing tickets are present or families spending a lot of time buying multiple tickets. You might find yourself waiting impatiently in a slow-moving line, watching others breeze through the entrance gate by simply presenting their smartphones. In that moment, you may regret not buying tickets in advance…

Do not waste of your time waiting in line to buy tickets. During that time, the queue for Mario Kart could extend by 30 minutes! 😄

To enjoy USJ efficiently, purchasing tickets in advance is an absolute must.”